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AKC Boxer Puppies

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Boxers make the perfect family dog — energetic, affectionate, and always loyal.

Our boxers are first and foremost family members. Family-raised, much attention is given to early handling and socialization of our puppies. Our goal is to match our puppies with families who will love and care for them as much as we do. Located in the Chippewa Valley of west-central Wisconsin, at Chippewa Valley Boxers we are crazy about boxers!


Our last litter of gorgeous puppies has all been adopted into loving homes. We are not expecting another litter until mid-2024. Would you like to be included on a wait list? If so, email with: your name, contact information, location and a brief history of your involvement with the boxer breed. We will be updating people on the wait list starting early in 2024. Previous owners will receive priority on the wait list.

Email: deborah@chippewavalleyboxers.com

Meet the Parents

We carefully select the dogs we breed for temperament and confirmation. We produce healthy, happy puppies who are matched to loving families.


Chippewa Valley Boxers - Athena



Chippewa Valley Boxers - Ollie


Boxers are intelligent and easy to train. Make sure your new puppy has quality food, exercise, and lots of love. If you provide them with daily walks or runs, boxers can easily adapt to apartment living. They love to be close to their beloved people.

Boxer Puppies

Our puppies are hand-raised, well-socialized, intelligent, and playful. Boxers are wonderful family dogs and are known for their patience and gentleness with children.

AKC Boxer Puppies

Boxer Puppies - Chippewa Valley

Boxer puppies in Chippewa Falls, in Northwest Wisconsin

We maintain the highest standard in breeding practices and guarantee that all our puppies are:

  • healthy and happy
  • AKC registered
  • vet-checked
  • up-to-date on all vaccinations
  • full physical exam*
  • full set of shots*
  • tails docked
  • dewclaws removed

* completed at six weeks

Boxer Puppies - Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls

Nellie with Rocky and Suki


Dedicated to our beloved Dempsey who we acquired in England in 1982 and who lived to the ripe old age of 16!

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About Chippewa Valley Boxers

At Chippewa Valley Boxers, we consider ourselves to be family breeders who raise puppies for the joy it brings and as a wonderful experience for our families. Our boxers are part of our family; they live in our homes. When raising puppies we focus on lots of early handling and socialization.

We carefully select the dogs we breed for temperament and confirmation. Our goal in breeding is to produce healthy, vibrant boxer puppies and to match them with loving families who will appreciate and love the breed as much as we do!



Deborah has a passion for raising loving boxer puppies. Her husband and her 40 piano students and their families socialize them from four days of age (after their first vet check) until the new owners pick up their puppies.

Deborah's love for the boxer breed began as a young child as one was always part of her family. She and her boxer's trainer (who eventually achieved her life goal of showing our line at Westminster) showed Dempsey in England for two years. (See dedication picture of Dempsey in front of his ribbons.)

Once Deborah's four daughters were old enough to help, she raised her first litter. Thus, Deborah's passion for making new friends and raising dogs just like Dempsey began.



My husband and I have owned boxers since 2000 and have found them to be fantastic family dogs. We have three young children, and an even-tempered dog is essential! When looking for the perfect boxer, I met Deborah and bought my first puppy from her.

Over time, I have come to know Deborah very well and appreciate her very much as a person. I learned so much from her.

As a mentor, Deborah helped me raise my first litter of boxer puppies. My relationship with her has allowed me to learn more about responsibly raising boxer puppies and striving to better the breed.